Welcome to your 利记sbo home!

At 利记sbo, we strive to provide an enriching experience, both in and out of the classroom. Our community-style buildings, East Hall and Reuss Hall, provide opportunities during your freshman and sophomore years to build relationships with other students on campus, attend fun and educational programming hosted by housing staff, and learn how to live interdependently with others. Our apartment-style options, Donley Hall and South Hall, support your growing independence, while maintaining valuable connections to the campus community and your peers. Living on campus also provides convenient and easy access to classes, student organization activities, sporting events, and Southfield – a metropolitan area vibrant with music, culture, and plenty of restaurant choices.

With our housing options, we also provide several meal plans to choose from with enough flexibility to make the lifestyle choices that best fit your needs. Our live-in student staff, supported by our full-time housing staff, are here to provide answers to any questions, and always available to meet your needs while making your home at 利记sbo.