The Student Accounting Services team manages all student account billing and collections. They are directly responsible for: preparing and issuing tuition statements; collecting account payments; disbursement of account refunds; and the posting of payments from third parties.

Note: E-statements will generate automatically on a monthly basis if there is any sort of balance on the account. The system will not take into account if there is pending financial aid or third party funds that have not yet been posted.

Please click the button below to read the complete Refund Policy:

Refund Policy


Below are several resources to assist students with their most commonly asked account questions.

The easiest and most direct way to make a payment on your student account. This is a step by step guide on how to submit the payment. Also included are instructions on how to set up your parents as authorized users of this payment portal.
Use this form to submit a payment via fax or email (scan the completed form and attach it as a pdf in an email to )
Lawrence Technological University provides a payment option that helps you afford your education.  Enroll now in the Interest-Free Monthly Payment Plan. Your only cost is an annual enrollment fee; please verify the annual enrollment fee on the Nelnet website http://www. . There are no interest or other costs. Because this is not a loan everyone qualifies. Enrollment is fast and easy. Call 888.356.0350 or go to  for more information. Please note: if you are interested in using this payment plan you must be signed up before classes start in the semester you are being billed for.
Vouchers: If your employer provides a voucher for tuition payment, please submit to . The voucher is an authorization to invoice your Employer or Third Party Provider. You will continue to receive statements until your employer has paid. Upon receipt of payment, this credit will reflect on your account and late fees will be removed.

Employer Reimbursements: Please refer to your company's Reimbursement Plan Guidelines for eligibility criteria and reimbursement process.

Any questions regarding payments should be directed to Karen Miller at 248.204.2115.
Tired of waiting for your refund checks to come in the mail? Use this form to set up direct deposit to your personal bank account for your student account refunds. Please note: This direct deposit is for student account refunds only. If you have a job on campus and would like to set up direct deposit for your paycheck please contact Human Resources.
Submit this form to receive an itemized report (bill) of the tuition you have paid and the current balance on your account.
Request on BannerWeb
To request this form login to BannerWeb and follow these steps: go to Student & Financial Aid; Student Account; Tax Notifications; enter your tax year and submit. Forms will be mailed no later than January 30 and can also be viewed or printed online through your BannerWeb account.
View the BannerWeb login instructions here